Why Will Mystic Motors Be Successful Heading into Phase 2?

2 min readMar 16, 2023

We SOLD OUT our phase 1 collection in under 4 minutes… but why will phase 2 be bigger?

Spells for a Strategic Twist:
Mystic Motors brings something new to the table with the introduction of spells. This exciting feature allows cars of varying rankings to compete more equally and competitively with each other. Racers will have the ability to use spells to impede their opponents and give themselves a tactical advantage on the track. Along with a racer’s car’s stats, one’s gaming abilities and strategic use of your spell deck will be what ultimately determine the outcome of races. (2/3)

The Release of Beta Game V2:
Mystic Motors will release a 2nd Beta version of the game that anyone can test out. You’ll have the chance to experience drifting, boosting, AI bot competitors, more maps and spells such as freeze, teleportation, invisibility and much more. It will be compatible across mutliple platforms, including PC, Mac and Mobile.

Upgradable NFT Cars:
As players progress through the game, they have the ability to upgrade their car to enhance its overall performance. Improving the different aspects of ones vehicle will help increase their chances of winning races. With Mystic Motors, the individual’s racing skills and car’s performance will go hand in hand. (not too sure about wording)

Expanded NFT Collection:
Phase 2 will see an expanded NFT collection, including all new car designs, colours and rim types. This expansion will add further uniqueness to each player’s car, as well as expand the player pool for greater enjoyment.

Ultimately, Mystic Motors seeks to implement a variety of features to drive growth and success in Phase 2.




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