Partnership Announcement: Mystic Motors X Oxalus NFT Analytics

3 min readSep 12, 2022


About Mystic Motors

With a team experienced in game creation, finance, marketing, and NFT development, Mystic Motors is an action-packed car racing game where players race their unique NFT cars to earn real money. Some of Mystic Motors’ distinguishing features are summarised below:

Car Upgrades and Blueprints:

A key method that racers can use to get the edge over their competition is to upgrade their cars. Racers can do this by spending in-game currency earnt through gameplay to improve upon different stats. Similarly, blueprints will be an exciting feature which racers will collect through races to create supercars.

Game Modes:

Mystic Motors offers 3 game modes: free-to-play, wagering, and tournaments. Free-to-play will consist of online multiplayer races where users compete for no cost; however, they earn rewards like cryptocurrency and NFT items. In terms of wagering, users will have the opportunity to test their skills against other users, staking cryptocurrency and having the winner take all. Finally, tournaments are held at predetermined times, where racers who hold entry tickets can compete in an elimination-style tournament, battling it out for the grand prize.

Magic Spells:

Arguably the most defining aspect of the game is magic spells. At the start of each race, players select their unique spell deck and can strategise and deploy these spells in a manner that will give them the edge to win their race.


Trophies are another essential aspect of Mystic Motors as they represent prestige and skill, displayed proudly on each racer’s profile.

Clan Battles:

Clans are an exciting aspect of the game, allowing racers to connect with friends and challenge racers in clan-based battles.

Ultimately, these features will create an enticing and enjoyable experience for all players. The game will have ultra-realistic graphics and will be the first high-quality and sustainable NFT racing game to hit the market. Mystic Motors will be launched on both desktop and mobile, allowing users to play-to-earn anytime, anywhere.




About Oxalus

Oxalus is an NFT Analytics Platform where you can find insightful quantitative information about the blockchain industry, especially the NFT sector. Oxalus has several products in the ecosystem, including an analytics tool, a wallet, and a game hub. Be a wise user who always catches the wave of the high-speed market by joining our platform.

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Mystic Motors is a play-to-earn NFT-based game that provides a virtual racing experience that results in rewards, rivalries & champions. Check out our articles