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Introducing NFT Player Rewards: Mystic Motors

3 min readOct 12, 2022

Player Rewards:

Mystic Motors is a P2E racing game, where players have the ability to upgrade their cars and earn a variety of different rewards. Rewards will be credited to players upon completion of a race, varying in reward type depending on race performance. These rewards will have numerous functions and purposes, including to enhance player’s abilities and prestige, however, they ultimately contribute towards improving the player’s NFT car. This will in turn help them become more competitive against their opponents and earn bigger and better rewards. The available rewards include:


Credits are Mystic Motors’ chosen in-game currency. Credits will be earned by completing races, with higher leveled cars and higher finishing players earning higher than the races who finish lower than them. Players can also earn credits through daily login rewards, where the longer the active log in streak, the greater the amount of credits collected. The completion of various achievements is another route that players can take to earn credits too. Upon attaining credits, racers have many uses for them, including trading them in at the workshop to purchase:

  • Car upgrades
  • Garage backgrounds/theme:
  • Tickets to cash tournaments


XP is awarded to players upon completion of races, with higher performing racers earning more XP than those below them. XP is also earned through daily logins, with the longer active streaks yielding higher XP rewards. Finally, the completion of achievements will see players gain XP depending on the difficulty of the achievement. By collecting XP, players will level up, unlocking bigger and better game perks, such as new spells, backgrounds and props for their NFT car.


In order to demonstrate the achievements of players, a trophy system has been put in place for Mystic Motors’ racers, with a player’s trophy count reflecting their global rank each season. Trophies will be earned through races, with higher placed racers earning a certain amount of trophies, and lower placed racers losing theirs. Players will be incentivised to race and become the best as the top ranked players will receive monetary prizes at the end of each season. Trophies will reset at the end of each season, however, the overall tally will remain in the racer’s profile as a symbol of accomplishment and prestige.


By completing races and various other aspects of Mystic Motors, players will have the ability to earn rewards which can be used to upgrade their cars and to enhance their racing experience. This can be done through trading in credits at the workshop, selecting the aspect that they choose to improve upon to help establish themself as the most prestigious racer.

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