2 min readMar 14, 2023

The Mystic Motors game will feature three types of gamemodes:
- Free-to-play
- Wagering
- Tournaments
Each game mode will have its own unique characteristics, and provide racers the opportunity to explore Mystic Motors across multiple gaming methods.

Above: GUI Image of The Mystic Motors Main Menu

Allows users to race against other players for in-game rewards. During these races, players will be able to strategically deploy spells to impede their opponents and give themselves a tactical race advantage. Racers will also have a boost feature which can be employed to temporarily outpace their opponents. Whilst car stats are important, a racer’s gaming abilities and tactical use of their spell deck will be influential on the outcome of races.

The wagering side of the game is an exciting opportunity for passionate racers to stake cryptocurrency in either head-to-head races or tournaments. Wagering allows players to showcase their skills and earn cash for winning their races. Moreover, the wagering sector will earn players more credits and XP than free-to-play races, and will have an increased drop rate for rare car blueprints.

Cash Tournaments:
A tournament-style game where the top two in each race go into the next round. The racers in the finals will earn significant rewards, e.g a share of 10,000USDT. In order to enter these competitions, players must spend one race ticket, which can be bought through the game shop or earned through racing.

Ultimately, through the use of various gamemodes, Mystic Motors provides a fun and entertaining game for players with different interests and desires to connect with other racers on one central gaming platform.




Mystic Motors is a play-to-earn NFT-based game that provides a virtual racing experience that results in rewards, rivalries & champions. Check out our articles