Features of Mystic Motors

2 min readMar 20, 2023

The Mystic Motors game will include a variety of features, all of which are designed to create competition and excitement amongst racers. These features will continue to develop as the project progresses as well as new features will be implemented too.

At the beginning of each race, one of the equipped spells is issued randomly to each player. After a player uses the spell they will receive a short cooldown. Following this cooldown, another spell is randomly issued to the player. This ensures that there is an incentive to use spells quickly, but also allows for game strategies to take place.

Boost will give the player’s car a temporary speed increase. There will be a boost bar in the race and a button to apply it. To use boost, racers will hold down the boost button for as long as they like, or until the boost bar reaches zero, at which point they will need to wait for it to recharge. How boost recharges: When not being used, the boost will recharge itself, over time. Boost car stat: Upgrading the ‘boost’ stat will increase the speed at which boost recharges.

Player Rewards:
As players play different game modes, various rewards will be collected, improving the player’s abilities and prestige. These rewards have different uses and functions, but ultimately act towards enhancing the ability and appearance of each player’s NFT car.

Credits are Mystic Motors’ chosen in-game currency. These credits can be traded in at the workshop to purchase:

  • Car upgrades
  • Garage backgrounds/theme:
  • Tickets to cash tournaments

Completing races will earn players XP, allowing them to level up so they can unlock new spells, backgrounds and props for their NFT car.

Trophies represent the player’s current rank each season. Top ranks will receive monetary prizes at the end of each season. Trophies will reset at the end of each season, however, will remain in the racer’s profile as a symbol of accomplishment and prestige.

Ultimately, the implementation of these various features will ensure a fun and competitive Mystic Motors game.




Mystic Motors is a play-to-earn NFT-based game that provides a virtual racing experience that results in rewards, rivalries & champions. Check out our articles